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Organisation and management

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Established in 2004, our Sustainable Development Department reports directly to the Group's Presidency since 2022, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability in our business.​

The Sustainable Development Department consists of nine individuals organized into four areas of expertise: Philanthropy, Climate, Eco-design and Circular Economy, and Coordination. It collaborates on a daily basis with all the « business lines »  such as Purchasing, Quality, Environment, Innovation and Product Development, Strategic Marketing, Brands, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Production, and more.​

To further embed sustainability at the core of its operations, the Group has created positions for Sustainable Innovation Directors within its divisions for Small Appliances and Cookware Products. In direct and daily collaboration with product development and marketing teams, they act as ambassadors for the strategy defined by the Sustainable Development Department and contribute to the implementation of eco-design objectives throughout the Group's processes.​

Furthermore, in the Group's main countries of operation, teams have adapted the Group's Sustainable Development commitments into objectives and action plans tailored to their local challenges, overseen by cross-functional Steering Committees.​


Implementation of the sustainable development strategy is the responsibility of the Sustainable Development department, whose role is to involve all the company’s business lines collectively and collaboratively by defining and putting into action 11 thematic roadmaps. Each of these roadmaps is built around specific projects with quantitative indicators for 2023 and progress reports are organized by the Sustainable Development department with the “business line” contributors.​


To keep in close touch with our ecosystem, the Sustainable Development Department initiated a system of regular dialogue with a panel of stakeholders since 2013. Made up of external international experts and an employee representative, the panel serves to collect a range of opinions and suggestions on our sustainable development policy.​

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance is acknowledged by numerous internationally recognized indices, labels, and non-financial ratings. In order to assess our CSR performance as objectively as possible, we closely monitor these evaluations and strive to respond to solicitations received each year with the goal of continuous improvement.

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The Group conducts a thorough assessment of its ESG practices, with the assistance of EcoVadis, the global reference for ESG ratings for businesses. In our latest assessment, conducted in November 2023, we achieved a Platinum medal and scored 78/100, placing the Group in the top 1% of globally assessed companies. This assessment covers all geographies, brands, and activities of the Group, including its professional activities.