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WMF is your ideal kitchen partner with over 160 years of tradition. Through products designed in Germany boasting top-level functionalities and iconic design, we simplify and heighten the best moments in food preparation, cooking and the sharing of dishes and beverages.

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WMF Professionnel

Professional coffee, a new market for Groupe SEB

With the acquisition of WMF in 2016, Groupe SEB strengthened its portfolio with two highly attractive brands, WMF and Schaerer, and became the world leader in the fast-developing professional coffee machines market.


Since its first model was launched in 1927, WMF has built up 90 years of expertise in professional coffee machines. 1969 marked the start of a new phase, with the design and launch of the world’s first automatic coffee machine. With coffee consumption outside the home growing steadily, the professional coffee market underwent rapid expansion all over the world. This led WMF to adapt its machines and equip them with numerous functions to offer a personalised response to multiple consumer demands and to diverse customers such as restaurants, hotels, local shops, airports, fast food chains, cruise liners…

This demanding market requires machines capable of preparing 150 to 1000 cups of coffee a day, depending on their size. This means the products play a key role in customers’ profitability. Going beyond the excellence of its machines, WMF offers dedicated after-sales service, ready to act within the shortest possible time frames.

Groupe SEB not only intends to maintain WMF’s strong approach to innovation; it also aims to roll it out more widely to guarantee the international development of the Professional Coffee business.