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Clara Shao, Sourced Quality Design Project Manager

Clara Shao, Sourced Quality Design Project Manager


Discover the portrait of Clara Shao,Sourced Quality Design Project Manager from the Is-sur-Tille site 

Industry is all about endurance. Long-term projects to continuously innovate and offer consumers products that make their daily lives easier. Among these "athletes" of the Industry, Clara Shao. When all the details count, when you have to persevere to make things happen in the four corners of the world.  


Clara, when you were a child, was there a job that made you dream? 

Yes, working in a school as a math teacher was a true dream! In fact, Industry was a totally unknown field... 

What led you to work in the Industry? 

Simply my engineering studies. After obtaining my Scientific Baccalaureate in China, I came to France to enter a program of IUT of Physical Measures. Then, after passing the  examination, I spent 3 years at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech school (ENSAM) in a general engineering program. There, it was while doing internships in the cosmetics sector that I discovered the Industry and developed a passion for products that make people's daily lives easier.  

Was it this passion that drew you to Groupe SEB?  

Absolutely! What's more, SEB has a strong taste for innovation. Everyone in the Group is focused on innovation... and I liked that right away. Not to mention the international dimension. In the course of my work, I am regularly in contact with employees in Japan and China... my Chinese origins obviously make exchanges much easier! 

You seem to like what you do... 

Yes, I like the Is-sur-Tille site as much as my work itself, a human-sized site with a good atmosphere. 

What exactly do you do? 

I am a project manager for sourced quality design... in short, I take care of product quality from the design and development phase to the end of its life on the market, at the commercial level. It is a multidisciplinary and transverse mission that requires a lot of versatility! But also concentration, analysis and exchanges with multiple interlocutors! Human contact is fundamental. 

Quality is a job that requires endurance? 

It's true that it's a job that requires stamina, because there is a lot of follow-up, on the long term, especially to improve the post-production quality and to put in place possible corrective actions. 

Endurance, as in sports? 

Like in boxing or body combat, which I practice every other day. 

Does it help you move forward? 

Yes, it gives me energy, and the desire to fight every day to advance the projects I have. Most recently, the development of a "user-friendly cooking" product. 

Is this your favorite product? 

I love all the products I am in charge of but if I have to choose one, I would say the kettle that our team is developing for the Japanese market: the Aprecia Lock! 


Focus on the Is-sur-Tille site 

Is-Sur-Tille industrial site

Is-sur-Tille has 46 years of expertise in deep fryers, but that is not its only asset. Its industrial resources, as well as the know-how of its teams, enable it to assemble products such as the Actifry or the Angell bicycle. 

The site also has a skills center for the development of the "E-cooking" and "Breakfast & Beverage" product families, a digital development center (connected systems) and a "mobility" center created under the impetus of the partnership with Angell. Is-sur-Tille is thus supporting the development of more than 25 product families.

Key figures

  • 180 employees, including 85 in R&D and Quality 
  • 14 million Actifry produced since 2006 
  • 4 models of the Angell bike assembled on site