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Groupe SEB hopes you will consult these pages regularly to stay informed of the Group’s major communication events. The pages notably include the financial presentations of annual and half-year results, the list of analysts monitoring the SEB share and the consensus that we calculate internally on the basis of their results forecasts, and an FAQ section.

Our dialogue with you is a source of continuous development and helps us to improve our communication.

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Isabelle Posth, Director of Financial Communications and Investor Relations, and Raphael Hoffstetter, Head of Investor Relations, will be delighted to inform you in the most comprehensive manner about Groupe SEB and its strategy and performances

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Groupe SEB has for many years now sought to establish and develop a relationship of trust with institutional investors. The Financial Communications and Investor Relations Department, based at Groupe SEB’s headquarters in Ecully, France, leads a policy of regular information throughout the year with the entire financial and market community, including sell-side and buy-side analysts and portfolio managers. Naturally, we strive to maintain close relationships with our institutional investors, but we are also seeking to attract the interest of new institutional managers, who stand as potential shareholders.

To that end, we roll out a broad range of initiatives, ranging from formal information meetings at major events (including the publication of annual and half-year financial statements and specific transactions such as acquisitions) to road shows, plant visits, telephone conferences and individual meetings. The media issuing from these meetings (press releases, presentations, etc.) are available on the website at all times. We also organize theme-based presentations based on current affairs that help our financial contacts to gain a deeper understanding of the Group’s overall environment and specific issues.

In 2019, nearly 52 events were organized (roadshows, conferences, site visits), leading to more than 720 contacts.