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Because distribution provides an indispensable link between the Group and consumers, we strive to build a lasting relationship with our distributor customers based on trust and loyalty. This constructive relationship is underpinned by a consistent and segmented offering and the awareness of our brands. We also endeavor to understand the specific cues of each retailer with a view to offering them real partnerships, including the coordination of retail shelf space, stock management and even the design of special product items.

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Diversified distribution adapted to our different market

To comprehensively cover all our regions, we have introduced a multi-channel distribution policy

  • specialized stores  
  • mass retail brands
  • retailers 
  • proprietary stores
  • e-commerce: the sites of our distributor customers and pure-player specialists

consumers sales

by distribution channel

consumers sales by distribution channel


To best meet the needs of our distributors, we bring them an offer tailored to their positioning, local specifics and the expectations of buyers and consumers. How do we stand apart? By providing an extensive range of products meeting all needs that serves to maximize the impact of our offering.

It is through this robust partnership strategy with our distributors that we are succeeding in creating a relationship of trust with our end customers and gaining their loyalty.


Boom in online sales

The Group's products are distributed on line through pure-player sites (Amazon, Alibaba/T-mall, Cdiscount,, etc.) and on the sites of our click-and-mortar distributors such as and

On e-commerce sites, we adapt our sales approach to web standards: - work on the creation of online traffic
- optimize conversion rates.To attract web users, our brands focus on creating appealing content:
- photos of products in real-life situations
- videos explaining how to use the product, demonstrating product advantages and responding to consumer questions. Through this value-added content, our brands are attracting more visitors to sites while helping consumers to choose the right product. This content also serves to bring us closer to consumers by providing them with better answers to their questions.


Close to consumers

Mass retail, specialist shops, traditional networks, e-commerce, small shops, teleshopping... the Group’s strategy targets all relevant distribution channels to reach a wide range of consumers, with a sales policy  adapted to the specific requirements of each channel. The network of own-brand stores, which are both a showcase and a special opportunity for close contact with customers, is another brick in an organisation flexibly adapted from one country to another.

Home & Cook shop

Over the years, thanks to its acquisitions, Groupe SEB has constructed a vast store network worldwide. The Group’s own stores provide a showcase, boosting its image and providing consumers with access to its products and brands.
Above all, however, they are about much more than just sales, offering a genuine opportunity for direct contact with
consumers, helping us to understand sales trends and identify consumers’ expectations and desires.

This network is adapted to suit market requirements and benefits from a flexible management approach: store openings to seize opportunities, closing shops that are not profitable enough, relocating where necessary and optimising the range. Particular attention is paid to the visual appeal and ergonomics of sales outlets, which are regularly renovated and modernised. In Turkey, for example, where the Group has a network of more than 140 Tefal Home & Cook stores, interior fittings and decor are redesigned to satisfy customers as much as possible and maximise performance. With the acquisition of WMF, the Group reinforced its network with close to 200 additional shops with a clearly premium positioning.

  • Close to 1250 shops worldwide