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Protecting our innovations

The Industrial Property Department (IP)

The Industrial Property Department (IP) supports R&D to protect group innovation and ensure, in exploratory mode by making an inventory of existing inventions, that it does not infringe existing patents.

All the innovation components are taken into account in Groupe SEB's IP strategy: technical innovation through patents, design characteristics through models, and product naming by the brands.

The Industrial Property (IP) also plays a crucial role in defending the group's interests by fighting against copies and brand, patent and model counterfeiting. This approach consists of an active watch notably in regions reputed to be at risk, as well as the technical and legal analysis of competing appliances relative to our patents. In the event of an infringement, IP asserts the rights of the group and implements actions to fight against patent counterfeiting in our key markets in the shape of transactions, seizures, production stoppages and the destruction of molds and products.

To effectively fulfill its remit, the IP Department is staffed by patent advisor engineers, document technicians and assistants. Reporting to Groupe SEB's Research Department, IP also works closely together with the Legal Department and is based at the headquarters in Ecully, France.


protection de l'innovation


The Group files an average of 100-120 patents a year in France. According to the INPI*, rankings, Groupe SEB has rated among the top-twenty patent filers in France for several years.

In the world, Groupe SEB filed 443 patents in 2020, covering all the group's activities in small household appliances and cookware.

Our innovation protection strategy is worldwide and rigorous, through the IP protection of every inventions either by filing pioneer patent (based on innovative principle), product patent (based on the structure of the device) and improvement patent (based on a detail of the device).

The virtually oil-free Actifry deep fryer comprises 33 patented inventions, 20 of them industrialized. A few examples:



  • 443 Patents filed
  • 166 Marques
  • 312 Modèles

Protecting our innovations calls for major investments. The group spends several million euros on the filing of patents, the fight against counterfeiting and the management of legal disputes.