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The collective agreement on disability was unanimously signed by all of Groupe SEB's employee representatives (which include CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT and FO)*. With this agreement, the Group is stepping up its efforts through a proactive policy of maintaining employment and recruiting people with disabilities.


Employment, a key driver of inclusion

Based on figures published by AGEFIPH (France's national association promoting the employment of people with disabilities), 15% of the global population has a disability, 1 in 2 employees will face a temporary or permanent disability and 12 million French people are affected by a disability. Convinced that developing diversity and inclusion is a key performance indicator, action to promote employment represents a top priority for Groupe SEB. In France, 6.2% of employees had a disability (as of December 31, 2022) and under the new agreement, the Group commits to doubling the number of workers recruited with recognized disabilities each year (around ten under the 2020 agreement). 

Since 2020, Groupe SEB has increased its disability initiatives, notably through partnerships with sheltered workshops, assisted employment centers and associations, either on its own sites or on supplier premises. In France, the production facility in Lourdes and logistics platform in Mions have welcomed teams from assisted employment centers on their premises.

An agreement approved by the French government with new concrete measures

After it was signed unanimously by Groupe SEB trade unions, the Company disability agreement has just been approved by the French government. This three-year agreement consolidates the actions already undertaken and adds new measures to further promote the inclusion of people with disabilities within the Group's companies in France. These include:

  • Preparing the return to work and/or encouraging job retention: as preferred, employees may benefit from specific HR support aimed at improving their mobility and career.
  • Covering taxi expenses: up to €300 (previously €150) in the event of special difficult circumstances in commuting to work for an employee who is unable to drive.
  • Arranging medical and paramedical appointments: one day's paid leave per year, to attend medical or paramedical appointments or to adjust/maintain equipment.
  • Organizing sick leave for parents of a dependent child with disabilities: up to 5 days per year (whether or not continuous) per calendar year and per child, subject to a medical certificate, with 100% pay coverage for the first 2 days of absence, then 50% for the following days.
  • Supplemental security income (SSI): potential review of SSI to provide the support required of employees who give birth to a child with disabilities.


Dan Abergel portrait , VP of Human Resources France, Global Labor Relations, Industry, for Groupe SEB

Dan Abergel, VP of Human Resources France, Global Labor Relations, Industry, for Groupe SEB, commented: 

Following the renewal of this disability agreement, Groupe SEB is pleased with the additional steps taken in recruiting and maintaining employment for people with disabilities. Groupe SEB has always been supported by strong values, pursuing a corporate philosophy that is based on a sense of responsibility, solidarity and commitment. Further out from this agreement, we will continue our efforts to raise awareness as well as uniting and mobilizing teams. Now more than ever, Groupe SEB is committed to fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities.