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Groupe SEB is the world leader in small domestic equipment. Since 1857, we have been developing and selling innovative products under numerous brands, including those with an international reputation, such as Tefal (T-fal), Moulinex, Rowenta, Krups and WMF, and those known more locally, such as Seb, Calor, Arno and Supor.

Our “INNOVATE WITH SEB” Open Innovation programme offers a unique environment for our teams to work alongside high-tech start-ups or those offering breakthrough concepts, to develop products and services for the homes of the future.

Our product categories mainly cover small domestic appliances for the kitchen, home cleaning, personal care and cookware. Let's work together to develop this offer to include increasingly practical and effective products and services, in line with key social and environmental issues!

Partnership benefits

We are looking for new products or services with high business potential in the field of household equipment.
Different formats of collaboration are possible with our partner start-ups, depending on the level of maturity of the solution and its strategic nature for Groupe SEB. Collaborations in all cases subject to a "win-win" contract, and a co-development, incubator or even accelerator type support program.

With its product and process know-how, its knowledge of the consumer and the markets on a global level, Groupe SEB will be your preferred industrial partner to implement your innovation.

Innovate With SEB - TEASER


Particular attention will be paid to proposals in the following areas:

  • Cooking and food preparation appliances
  • Hot or cold drinks appliances
  • Home comfort and floor care appliances
  • "FoodTech"
  • Domestic robotics
  • Water treatment
  • Air treatment
  • Skin care

The proposed solutions can be BtoC or BtoB products or services, and also address new consumption trends, such as Do It Yourself (domestic agriculture, cleaning products, etc.), sharing and exchange platforms, or even food waste management.

Become a partner

Candidate start-ups must be fully owners of the intellectual property elements related to their solution, and must constitute a legal entity majority owned by its founders and any investment funds.

Start-ups must be able to demonstrate the performance and deployment possibilities of their solution, and to provide at least proof of a published patent application for innovations relating to technologies or products.

  • If your project meets the eligibility criteria above, we will be happy to discuss with you! For this, we invite you to present your start-up and your product / service to us via our dedicated form. We will then quickly contact you following an initial evaluation by our experts, to inform you of the type of partnership that we can consider together
  • For any other collaboration proposals, we invite you to fulfil the dedicated contact form.

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