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Open innovation

To continuously leverage its expertise and cover a broad range of technologies, Groupe SEB has for several years led a proactive strategy on open innovation, a field in which it now stands as a recognized player.

The Group's research teams work closely with schools and universities and major players in public and private research in France and internationally. The teams also rely on external networks run by clusters, including French competitiveness hubs (Vitagora, Axelera, Cap Digital, Cosmetic Valley, etc.) and European clusters (European Institutes of Innovation and Technology).

The Group's investment fund SEB Alliance identifies emerging firms with high-tech content and includes them in the Group's innovation ecosystem by investing in and/or forming R&D partnerships with them.

Bénédicte SIMOND
Open innovation is a key pillar in our innovation strategy. In a connected world marked by fast-paced advances in technology, it lends greater structure to our in-house R&D activities. All innovators, be they independent inventors, research labs, start-ups or companies, are welcome to join our innovation ecosystem and develop new products and innovative services with us.
Bénédicte SIMOND
Research Director


The Group set up a special portal for external proposals on inventions in 2013.
To further boost its open innovation strategy, Groupe SEB has introduced several access points for our future partners in innovation.

SEB Alliance

Are you an emerging and innovative company with a disruptive technology and/or a new business model? The SEB Alliance investment fund is all ears.
Would you like to submit a financing application for your company, or do you simply want to know more about the sectors targeted by our investment fund?

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Collaborative research

To further boost its open innovation strategy, Groupe SEB has introduced several access points for our future partners in innovation.
Want to work with us? Then go to these spaces:
Groupe SEB is continually looking for new expertise and collaborative work to enhance its knowledge and renew its portfolio of innovative products and services to the benefit of users.
Would you like to bring the expertise of your public or private laboratory on board as part of a collaborative project, or simply find out more about our technological fields?

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Are you the inventor of a product, service or technology that could significantly change the lives of our consumers? Do you have an idea on a significant improvement for one of our products? We are interested in everything to do with cookware and small electrical appliances. Both in creating new inventions and marketing innovative products, Groupe SEB possesses all the requisite expertise for successfully launching your invention.

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