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External growth

An active policy on external growth


External growth is another key area for the Group's growth strategy. External growth is another key area for the Group's growth strategy. Working in what is still a fragmented small household equipment market, Groupe SEB is positioned as a consolidator in its sector.The Group's history is studded with a number of transactions that have served to bring it leading positions in numerous countries and product categories.

As well as the requisite financial capacity, external growth calls for the ability to effectively integrate acquired companies and unlock synergies. Over the years and with each new acquisition, Groupe SEB has built up substantial experience in the integration of acquired companies.

Our two latest acquisitions, made in 2016, are particularly strategic.



Acquisition of EMSA, a German company that designs, manufactures and markets kitchen tools and accessories. EMSA leads the German market in thermo jugs and food storage containers and is also present in the rest of Europe and the Middle East. It reported revenue of €85m in 2016.



Acquisition of WMF, a flagship in German industry working in three markets: small household equipment (cookware and small electrical appliances), professional automatic coffee machines, and hospitality industry equipment. This acquisition is structuring and strategic for the Group:

  • a leadership position in professional coffee machines, a growth market generating significant revenue and with strong profitability
  • number-one position in cookware in Germany, notably through a high-end stainless steel range
  • accelerated development in the strategic market of kitchen tools and accessories, consistent with the acquisition of EMSA 
  • consolidation of an extensive brand portfolio with the arrival of strong brands such as WMF, along with Schaerer, Silit, Kaiser and HEPP 
  • extension of the distribution network in Germany through 200 proprietary points of sale in the country, boosting image and sales.


Chaque marque a une identité bien définie avec des valeurs spécifiques qui s’expriment à travers l’assortiment, les fonctionnalités, le design des produits, ainsi qu’un type de communication propre à chacune.