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our Supply Chain

The operational excellence and performance of the supply chain are vital to our competitiveness and concern all the business lines involved in the availability of our products for consumers: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Industry, Logistics, IT, Human Resources.

To ensure that availability, the supply chain teams manage information flows, from sales forecasts through to orders of materials and components, and physical flows, from the supply of metals, plastics, engines and packaging through to the distribution of finished products. 


supply chain


As such, successful supply chain management hinges on the perfect synchronization of all the players involved, including Markets, Continents, Business Activities and Production Sites.

The agility and performance of the supply chain at Groupe SEB is based on three key areas:

  • robust sales forecast
  • a flexible production base
  • an efficient logistics network

Our ability to establish sales forecasts responding as closely as possible to the needs of markets means we adapt our production base to respond effectively to demand.

Our global logistics network (production sites and warehouses around the world) provides us with optimal agility and performance.

L'Ecologistics is also a strong strategic priority at Groupe SEB, since transport is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. Our initiatives in the field take two forms:

● the development of non-road alternative transport modes (waterway, rail)
● the improvement of load rates in transport units (trucks and sea containers)

To ensure an optimal customer experience and deliver on our product promises, all Groupe SEB employees, each in their own division, are involved in and contribute to the efficiency of the supply chain.

supply chain