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reduce the greenhouse gas

We are working on two fronts to reduce the greenhouse gas emitted by logistics, developing alternative non-road transport modes and improving the load rates of transport units.

In our choice of transport modes, we favor solutions with the least environmental impact:

  • sea for long distances (-50% of CO2 emissions per metric ton transported)
  • rail and waterway for transport to and from ports, between group plants and its platforms or subsidiaries.

To strengthen the management of this policy, we have created a table for monitoring the rate of alternative transport for pre- and post-shipping to and from ports.

The impact of the load rates of transport units is also considerable. To maximize this rate, we have introduced the EFFYPACK (PACKaging system for supply chain EFFiciencY), which optimizes packaging sizes with respect to those of pallets. For example, by reducing Fresh Express packaging by just a few centimeters in 2014, we were able to increase the number of products per pallet by 50%.


The operational excellence and performance of the supply chain are vital to our competitiveness and concern all the business lines involved in the availability of our products for consumers: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Industry, Logistics, IT, Human Resources.