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External inventions

You have an invention concerning a new product or a new technology and you want to submit it to Groupe SEB so as to help us creating or improving tomorrow’s products and services ? Our special team in charge of external inventions will receive your proposal and share the information with the relevant experts in house. When the invention matches our needs, the team coordinates the interaction between you and the experts all along the collaborative project.

Partnership benefits

Groupe SEB is the ideal partner for numerous companies, startups, inventors and laboratories. The global reach of our group together with our product expertise and consumer knowledge make us uniquely qualified to implement your invention. 

The remit of our team is to receive all the inventions sent to Groupe SEB by external inventors and redirect them to the relevant experts at the group. If the invention proves of interest, we remain the main contact point for the inventor and coordinate dialogue with the experts. Our role is to support inventors in their work and act as a facilitator throughout the collaborative project.

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Have an invention ?

An invention can be relative to a new product, a new technology or any other technical solution designed to improve a function that can be usefull for the user.
Inventions are commonly made official through granted patents.

  • If a published patent application relative to your invention and a proof of concept demonstrating the performances of the product or technology are available, then we invite you to submit your proposal through our External invention submission process.
  • For any other collaboration proposals, we invite you to fulfil the dedicated contact form.

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