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Help consumers move towards healthy and tasty eating and promote sociable dining

A healthy and sustainable recipe Charter

In the quest for healthy food that has a lower environmental impact and the need to feed 10 billion humans by 2050, a dietary transition is required particularly in Western countries. Amongst these necessary changes, experts are recommending that fruit, vegetable and pulse consumption will need to double in tandem with a 50% plus reduction in animal protein consumption (1). Aside from the positive health effects, the adoption of a flexitarian diet (2) reduces the carbon footprint by over 40%. To support this movement, in 2019 Groupe SEB finalized a “Healthy and sustainable recipe Charter”.

1- The EAT-Lancet Commission Summary Report “Food Planet Health” published in January 2019.
2 - A flexible vegetarian diet (or semi-vegetarianism).

Polenta légumes

More vegetables, cereals and pulses, less meat, limited amounts of fat and salt, no overly-processed ingredients. These are the broad guidelines of this Charter, which is initially focused on salty dishes.

This Charter is a reference framework for expanding the proportion of healthy and sustainable recipes in the hundreds of recipes that the Group shares with consumers via a whole range of channels: apps connected with products, brand websites, social media, cookbooks, etc. The most recent cookbook for the Nutricook+ steam cooker, published at year-end 2019, offers a balanced breakdown of recipes: fruit and vegetables, pulses, fish and seafood, meat each represent 20% of recipes, carbohydrates 15% and dairy products 5%. They also list seasonal ingredients and give “zero waste” tips.

Solutions combining products and services

Eating quality food is the key focus of the Group’s brands, which develop new solutions to promote healthy eating and enjoy food at the same time. Tefal and Moulinex are the Group’s international brands most involved in this area.

Poele tafal preserve


Since its early days, Tefal’s innovations have always focused on healthy eating. It all began with the invention of the non-stick frying pan, meaning that people could cook using very little oil, or even none at all. In the cookware section, the Preserve frying pans range, launched in France in 2018, is specifically designed for cooking at low temperature, conserving up to 30% more Vitamin C than cooking at high temperature.

In electrical products, the Actifry fryer (sold under the Seb brand in France and Belgium), in which healthy, tasty meals can be made using only a spoonful of oil, has been developed to make the consumer experience even easier with the My Actifry application. As well as providing “step by step” help to make dishes successfully, it also offers several hundred recipes so that people can vary their menus and enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. It encourages consumers to eat fresh produce, particularly fruit and vegetables. In 2019, tips for healthier food and lifestyles were added to My Actifry that evolves over the seasons.

cookeo healthy


The iconic “homemade” brand, Moulinex has strengthened its support to help consumers move towards better diets by offering services related to its connected products. In 2019, the new Healthy functionality was added to the Cookeo multi-cooker app, providing detailed nutritional information on recipes made using the appliance. It classifies recipes into food groups – vegetables, animal proteins or starches for example – indicating the number of daily portions they offer. In the first half of 2020, Cookeo Healthy will offer a nutritional coaching service: depending on goals set by the user (eat less meat, more vegetables, more balanced, etc.) and their tastes, the app will recommend a tailored selection of recipes to help them reach their goal.

Moulinex also reinvented steam cooking with Steam’Up, launched in 2019. Although everyone agrees on the nutritional benefits of this style of cooking, most consumers associate it with dishes that are bland and aren’t very varied. With Steam’Up, steam cooking moves upmarket with a reverse steam technology that makes it possible to blend and retain flavors. The result: recipes that are both healthy and tasty, continually enhanced in the dedicated application.

Moulinex is also supporting the flexitarian transition with Multicook & Grains, which offers specific pulse cooking programs. This family of crops is a key source of plant-based protein, which have a lower environmental impact than animal proteins.



1 healthy and sustainable recipe charter for the recipes in our products