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Sustainable cooking

Promote sustainable eating and more responsible everyday habits

In addition to the impact on health and well-being, the choice, preparation and preservation of food has an impact on our ecological footprint. The healthy and sustainable recipes Charter includes this component: for example, reducing the amount of meat in favor of pulses helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along the same lines, at year-end 2019, the Cookeo teams shared on social media content to help consumers who wanted to reduce their meat consumption. With, for example, suggested ingredients that might constitute an alternative to animal protein with recipes to cook them, as well as a range of tips and tricks regarding flexitarianism.


blender zero gaspi

Combating food waste

A growing concern in many countries, efforts to combat food waste are another area in which the Group is committed. It naturally contributes to this by virtue of its core business that encourages homemade food: meals are prepared as required. And some products can be turned into anti-waste tools such as blenders, which, for example, allow great smoothies to be made with slightly too mature fruit and to use some fruit and vegetable whole, including the skins. The Group has developed a range of content in this area on social media in 2019, in particular in connection with the new range of Powelix blenders. In general, the Group gives advice on using as many foodstuffs as possible in recipes connected with the products. The cookbook included with the Moulinex juicers (Juice & Clean, Juiceo, Power Juice) for example abounds with ideas on how to cook the pulp instead of throwing it away.

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brands involved to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging

The Group’s product range also includes food storage boxes. They are increasingly popular with consumers who use them to store their foodstuffs, keep leftovers in the fridge or bring food from home. They are also used within the Group: in Mexico, for example, the subsidiary signed an agreement with companies delivering meals to employees to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging and replace it with reusable Tefal boxes. Food retailers are also very interested in reducing disposable packaging, as seen from various initiatives launched in 2019. In Germany, the HIT retailer provides customers with Clip&Close boxes (EMSA) for their purchases at the delicatessen counter. In France, the Vrac’N Roll start-up, a pioneer in the online sale of loose organic produce, has started using Optima boxes (EMSA) for order shipments. Stackable, strong and easy to clean, they can also be kept for re-use.