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Sustainable cooking

Promote sustainable eating and more responsible everyday habits

Beyond the impact on health and well-being, the choices, preparation, and preservation of food have an effect on our environmental footprint. The healthy and sustainable recipes Charter incorporates this aspect: for instance, reducing meat consumption in favor of vegetables helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions. In a similar vein, towards the end of 2019, the Cookeo teams shared content on social media platforms to assist consumers who were eager to reduce their meat consumption. This included suggestions for ingredients that could serve as alternatives to animal proteins, along with recipes for preparing them, as well as various tips and tricks related to flexitarianism.​


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Combating food waste

A growing concern in many countries, the fight against food waste is another area of commitment for the Group. It naturally contributes to this cause through its core business, which promotes homemade cooking: meals are prepared as needed. Additionally, certain products can be repurposed as anti-food waste tools, such as blenders that can be used to create excellent smoothies from slightly overripe fruits, utilizing the entirety of fruits and vegetables including their skins. The Group has developed numerous content pieces on this subject across social media platforms, including recipes using vegetable peels or tops, and the organization of zero-waste festive occasions (Halloween, appetizers, etc.). Recipe books also provide anti-food waste tips, such as the one accompanying Moulinex juicers (Juice & Clean, Juiceo, Power Juice), which is filled with ideas for cooking with pulp instead of discarding it.​

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The Group's product range also includes food storage containers, which are experiencing increasing popularity among consumers. These containers are used to store groceries, keep leftovers from cooked dishes in the refrigerator, or carry meals outside the home.​

They are also used within the Group itself: for instance, in Mexico, the subsidiary has partnered with companies delivering meals to employees, urging them to replace single-use plastic containers with reusable Tefal boxes.​

Players in the agri-food distribution sector are also highly interested in reducing disposable packaging, as evidenced by several recent initiatives. In Germany, retailers HIT and Edeka provide Clip&Close boxes (EMSA) for customers purchasing items from the delicatessen section. In France, the pioneering online organic bulk product seller, Vrac’N Roll, has adopted Optima boxes (EMSA) for shipping orders. Stackable, durable, and easy to clean, these boxes are also designed for reuse through a deposit system.​