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Home-made for all


Nutritionists are unanimous: eating home-made dishes, as much as possible from fresh ingredients and thus limiting the consumption of ultra-processed products (containing additives but also more sugar, salt, and fat) contributes strongly to improving the food balance. This also limits the appearance of certain diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.).

Cooking can, however, take time or appear difficult for some. This is why we want our products and services to facilitate home-made food with solutions that simplify lives, save time and help make healthy and good recipes.

cocotte nutricook

Making home cooking easier for everyone

Over the years, thanks to its innovations, the Group has proven that home cooking does not need to be complicated or time-consuming. For example, the famous Super Cocotte Seb pressure cooker (1953) was the first in a long line of pressure cookers, including Nutricook and its four cooking programs that preserve vitamins and other nutrients. More recently, in 2012, Cookeo enabled time-strapped cooks to put together dishes quickly, with hundreds of step-by-step recipes that could be made in less than 15 to 20 minutes. Over 2 million have already been sold in France. Cuisine Companion then raised the bar even higher: as well as cooking, it makes the preparation of ingredients, pastry or sauces easier, using a range of accessories for chopping, mixing, beating, kneading, grating, etc. Now connected, all these products are continually receiving digital enhancements, to offer consumers an infinite quantity of recipes and a variety of delicious meals.

Cooking contest Korea


Groupe SEB is actively involved in raising awareness among all audiences about healthier and more sustainable eating habits, utilizing a wide range of methods: product-related events, creating content on social media platforms, participating in events focused on this theme, and more. For instance, in the Netherlands, the subsidiary has been participating in the National Meat-Free Week for the past 2 years. In 2022, this involvement included collaborations with several local distributors and the meal kit creator Hello Fresh. Communications were also carried out on the benefits of vegetarian diets through its website and social media channels.​

​Another example is the partnership between Tefal and Jamie Oliver, initiated in 2003 to promote homemade cooking and a balanced yet delicious diet. The renowned chef is deeply committed to these topics and has notably launched the Jamie’s Ministry of Food program to encourage a return to healthier and homemade cooking in the UK, thereby contributing to obesity reduction in the country. An expanded range of Jamie Oliver by Tefal products is already available in around thirty countries. To further strengthen its commitment alongside Jamie Oliver, donations of Jamie Oliver by Tefal products were made in 2022 to the Jamie’s Ministry of Food program in the UK and to The Good Foundation in Australia.

Baby eating - Malin Program


In its commitment to make "healthy eating" accessible to as many people as possible, Groupe SEB includes vulnerable populations. Since 2017, it has been engaged in the French program "Malin," which aims to promote access to balanced and high-quality nutrition for young children from families facing precarious situations, and to transform the dietary practices of these families. The French government has incorporated this program into its poverty alleviation strategy, as well as into the National Nutrition and Health Program.​

​As part of this program, Groupe SEB offers culinary products and electrical appliances at an affordable price for families (with a reduction of -40%). The goal is to provide a useful offering while developing a balanced and sustainable economic model for the Group. These "privileged" sales events occur three times a year on an online platform. Studying purchasing behaviors during these operations and engaging with beneficiaries helps better understand the families and their practices in order to tailor the product offering to their needs. Through this program, the Group also aims to provide advice (tips and tricks) for healthier eating.​

​By the end of 2022, the "Malin" program had assisted 100,000 families over the ten years since its launch in 2012!

Association Vrac Lyon


Once again in line with the socially guided business approach, in 2019 the Group partnered with two associations in the Lyon region to give them access to reduced price products, in particular in the course of stock clearances. The first partner, Revivre, is a social development association with a focus on inclusive employment that acts as a central purchasing body for other charitable associations. The second partnership is the VRAC association, which helps establish purchasing groups in lower income areas, to give everyone access to quality products. The products are purchased directly from manufacturers at reasonable prices and then distributed by local residents. VRAC thus encourages sustainable and responsible consumption.​

TARGET 2023​

Create one program to make home-made food accessible to everyone in the Group’s main countries​