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Respect of consumers


Mindful of our responsibilities to consumers – an integral part of our code of ethics – we are committed to proposing top-quality products with every guarantee as to safety and harmlessness. We comply with all the standards and regulations relating to our products in our different markets.

Product safety

We guarantee the safety of products through rigorous processes in all phases of development and production.

In development, each project review comprises a formal verification of the compliance of the product as set out in the guideline document on the Environment, marketing quality and standards (EMQS). These checks, together with an analysis of design robustness and field tests in real-life conditions, contribute directly to the safety of the product.

In production, we conduct numerous tests on production lines, including tests of electric insulation and sealing. We also take samples to conduct tests on accelerated operation and identify any potential undetectable anomalies on new products. Lastly, after packaging, we carry out a final test on the ex-factory quality level (EFQL).

Product harmlessness

We have particularly high standards on the choice of our materials, beyond the requirements set by regulation. Our coatings are 100% harmless, both for the consumer and the environment. Our products contain no lead, cadmium or perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), this last used as a polymerization auxiliary in the manufacturing of new polymers.