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Hanane Badra, Managing Director Egypt and Middle East honored in Egypt’s TOP 20 and the Middle East’s Woman Leaders Awards

Hanane Badra, Managing Director of Groupe SEB’s subsidiaries in Egypt and the Middle East was honored as the Top CEO in Egypt’s Top 20/Blue Star Awards, as well as in the Middle East's Woman Leaders Awards. 

Every year, Egypt’s Top 20 Blue Star Awards honor the positive commitment of brands, companies and their leaders as well as public and professional personalities active in Egypt. The ranking is based on consumer comments, expert analysis and market positioning.

Hanane BADRA Directrice générale Groupe SEB Egypte et Moyen-Orient

At the World Women Leadership Congress, Hanane Badra was awarded the Middle East’s Woman Leaders honor, which recognizes the achievements of women leaders, actors of change who promote of diversity as a corporate strategic talent management approach. 
Currently Managing Director of Groupe SEB in Egypt and the Middle East, Hanane Badra joined Groupe SEB in France in 1995 as Regional Manager before becoming Export Sales and Marketing Manager for Moulinex. In 2002, Hanane became the Group’s managing director for the Africa region, and then in 2006 assumed the role of Export Managing Director for the Middle East and Iran before taking up her Managing Director role for Groupe SEB Egypt in 2013. In particular, she set up a joint venture project in partnership with the Egyptian Zahran family in 2018.

This excellent track record reflects the importance Groupe SEB attributes to gender equality in the workplace and diversity throughout the world. In Turkey, for example, half of the positions on the Management Committee (CODIR) of Groupe SEB Istanbul are occupied by women, whereas women account for just 36% of the country’s working population. In Egypt, women comprise nearly 30% of the Management Committee (CODIR), versus only 24% of women in the working population, and in Dubai, they hold 60% of seats on the Management Committee of Groupe SEB Middle East, versus 11% of the working population in the region. 

Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB, commented: “Every employee who receives an award is a source of pride for Groupe SEB. Hanane’s track record is an example to all women, and I congratulate her on her commitment, engagement and professionalism since she joined our group. We can all agree that role models for women in the corporate world are essential to break through the glass ceiling. This is why companies must commit to creating a world where gender equality is a reality.” 



  • Gender equality in the workplace is an integral part Groupe SEB’s non-discrimination policy and its promotion of diversity, particularly gender diversity. In 2019, the Group stepped up its approach with the Global Commitment to Gender Diversity: each management committee, regardless of country or type of entity (factory, commercial subsidiary, etc.) must commit to six concrete actions to foster diversity among the 12 actions suggested by the Group (for example: anti-discrimination training, implementation of collective agreements in favor of diversity, etc.).

    Group action in this respect was stepped up in 2018 and 2019, with, in particular:
    • A global communication campaign on work/life balance,
    • The creation of an intranet Yammer group dedicated to gender equality,
    • The setting up of a diversity network within the Group,
    • Skype and/or intranet conferences.
  • To accelerate the increased presence of women in top management positions, the Human Resources Department plans to have at least one woman on the shortlist for each top management position. 
  • To develop and retain key talent while also enabling women to attain leadership positions, in 2017, the Group launched a mentoring program, first in France and then internationally since 2018. The program matches an experienced manager with a high-potential employee for one year to help boost her career within the Group. This career development initiative has been a resounding success, with benefits for both parties involved. In 2019, two groups of 24 mentor/mentee pairs united participants from 16 countries. Since its creation, more than 150 managers have benefited from the initiative.