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Following on from Cookeo and Cookeo USB, introducing the latest from the Moulinex Cookeo family! With Cookeo Connect, start discovering a new culinary universe!

Ever since the Cookeo was launched in 2012, Moulinex has been revolutionising the world of cuisine and making home-made food accessible to everyone. A true leader in this gastronomic revolution, in just two years this rapid and intelligent multicooker has already won over almost 300,000 “connected cooks” all over the world!

Into the future with Cookeo Connect

With Cookeo Connect, Moulinex fulfils all the latest requirements (more content, more simplicity, more personalisation) and offers an infinite number of possibilities for varied delights. The appliance now connects via Bluetooth to the “MyCookeo” app*, which supports users as they prepare everyday meals:

*Available from the Apple Store as soon as Google Play is launched in April 2015

  • Recipes available from everywhere: Smartphones and tablets turn into recipe libraries;
  • Detailed step-by-step guides with pictures support users as they follow the recipe to ensure a great result;
  • The app lets you comment, rate and share the recipes you test and make your own suggestions;
  • Plus shopping lists for all your favourite recipes!

A successful launch

Even before its launch, Cookeo had already made a name for itself:

  • Last June, it won a special prize in the “Connected Home” category for cooking and household appliances at the 1st Connected Products awards (organised by NPA Conseil);
  • Introduced to around 20 influencers and bloggers in October, this resulted in significant press reports (see the Culture Geek section below by Antony Morel on BFM TV on 5 November);
  • It appeared at the #CONNECT-it exhibition held at the end of October in Paris. This is a unique exhibition open to the general public, which has four high-tech worlds revealing the most innovative technologies and connected products that enhance and facilitate our everyday lives.