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Réparabilité, le Groupe SEB s’engage

With its Seb and Rowenta brands, Groupe SEB is committed to supporting consumers by extending the service life of its products and successfully preventing waste.

In a legal context that aims to prevent waste and therefore reduce the impact of industrial waste from consumer goods on the environment, the Group has been making itself stand out for several years now in terms of the repairability of its products.

This approach is based on four cornerstones:

  • Guaranteeing the availability, for 7 to 10 years, of some 36,000 spare parts required for repairing its products;
  • Ensuring the durability of its products thanks to a proximity network of more than 6,500 certified professional repair centres worldwide, which have been trained to ensure rapid and high-quality work, and thanks to products designed right from the start to be taken apart and rebuilt more easily by professionals;
  • Offering special prices so that repair costs are not a constraint for the consumer. Repairing the product is therefore possible at a cost that is almost always lower than the cost of replacing the item, without altering the quality and also limiting the impact of waste on the environment;
  • Guaranteeing that repairs are carried out within a time frame that is acceptable to the consumer: spare parts for appliances are delivered to the repairer on request within 24 to 48 hours;
  • Taking product repairability into account during the design phase: in 2014, 95% of small electrical products sold by Groupe SEB were repairable.


Find your nearest certified repair centre on our brands websites.

With the aim of raising consumer awareness of the advantages of repairing products, Seb and Rowenta broadcast this information widely on their websites via dedicated web pages and explanatory videos.