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Simone Rugiati, ambassadeur à l’italienne

Simone Rugiati is one of the most creative chefs in Italy.

Young, amusing and open to every one even those who are not so expert in the kitchen. His cooking is young, creative but always respectful of Italian culinary traditions and ingredients. And he is the brand ambassador for Lagostina!

The partnership between Lagostina and Simone Rugiati began in 2013 and is helping to lead the brand from tradition to modernity trying to catch younger targets in Italy. The chef’s young and approachable image brings freshness and dynamism to Lagostina, in particular through the organisation of various events broadcast on social networks (Accademia del Sapore, Dinner in the Sky etc.) and competitions on Facebook.

Lagostina and Simone have also joined forces to make some recipe videos/tutorials showing off some of the brand’s cookware.

In 2 years: 27 videos and more than 20 in-store cookery events.


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