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Launch of a “Table d’Hôtes” set menu service at the CHRS shelter in Villeurbanne

A new professional integration system for the female residents of the shelter. 


The association ALYNEA provides a welcome and accommodation for people living in deprived and vulnerable circumstances, as well as helping them to find work. It supports them with access to healthcare and training in a spirit of social innovation.

The project for launching a “Table d’Hôtes” set menu service at the Point Nuit shelter will also include training and support modules for female residents on courses to help them find jobs in the catering industry. This project also includes practical assignments at a workshop for helping people adapt to work (AAVA or “Atelier d’Adaptation à la Vie Active”).

The Fonds Groupe SEB is providing financial support for this project, which should allow the female residents of the home to play an active role in their social integration and to live together at the home 


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