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The new "La Salle à Manger" restaurant in Fourvière



The new La Salle à Manger restaurant in Fourvière

Apprentis d’Auteuil educates and trains young people in difficulty and helps them to integrate social and occupational life.


The La Salle à Manger restaurant-schools were created to build new bridges for young people with educational, social or family difficulties, to fulfil a real need for qualified personnel, and to establish relations with company heads seeking to give a chance to young people with particular life courses.

The young apprentices alternate between theoretical and practical training at restaurant-schools. They learn the requisite technical skills and acquire the know-how essential to teamwork and contact with customers. At companies, they learn about the structure and the teams that they will work with after their training.

The young people receive individual support on their issues to eliminate any potential obstacles.

In 2010 and 2011, the Fund contributed to the financing of the works at the restaurant-school on the Jean-Marie Vianney site in Côte-Saint-André in southeastern France. The creation of a self-service restaurant open to the public has enabled young people on CAP cooking courses and CAP catering agent courses to complete their studies while gaining real-life experience of an occupational activity.

In 2012 and 2013, the Fund supported the launch of the training restaurant in Lyon-Confluence.

In 2020, the Fund reiterated its financial support for the new restaurant-school in Lyon-Fourvière, set to open in August 2021. 



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