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100 years of creativity and inspiration – the Kaiser centenary promotion has a golden shine

Kaiser 100th birthday

2019 is a very special year for Kaiser, as the company is celebrating its 100th birthday. From the world’s first baking pans with a non-stick coating to the first square springform pan and a wide range of trendy products for individual baking creations, our baking brand can look back on a most enjoyable and successful past.

As part of the festivities, the managers responsible for the brand have launched several special centenary promotions, including a big 100-year Kaiser promotion.

An innovation story

It is the successful mixture of long-standing tradition and creative innovations that still enables KAISER to provide wonderful inspiration for baking. Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser as “Großhandel für Metallwaren” in Beierfeld in the Erzgebirge mountains (it relocated to the current site in Diez/Lahn in 1978), the brand can look back over a 100-year history full of innovations. At the start of the jubilee year, the product management team and the marketing managers got to work to make sure the birthday was suitably celebrated

Kaiser 100th birthday

Golden baking pans

What better way to mark such an important birthday than to give the most popular baking pan a very special look? And to celebrate 100 years, it had to be gold! Therefore, in the 100 GOLD Edition, KAISER classics such as springform, bundform and loaf pans as well as a muffin pan all shine in festive gold. The pans are available in the standard sizes as well as a mini format and are all “Made in Germany”.

Kaiser 100th birthday

Extensive decorative material for an eye-catching POS

The special birthday is also being celebrated at the POS, with elegant decorations, gold balloons and a festive mood. The Global Marketing and Sales teams compiled extensive decorative materials to suitably highlight the centenary with a golden colour. For the key visual, Kaiser leave its mark with a “perfectly imperfect birthday cake “ with edible gold leaf, the golden number 100 and the coloured flowers for a touch of madness!

The brand also published a birthday baking book with all La Forme Plus baking pans containing some of the most delicious Kaiser recipes for very special birthdays.