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The Billig crepe maker of KRAMPOUZ enters the Élysée Palace

The genuine Breton crepe maker "Billig", which has become a reference and the emblem of the KRAMPOUZ brand, will be honoured on 3 and 4 July during the Great Exhibition of Made in France, organised by the Élysée Palace.

Krampouz Billig Exposition of Made in France

Groupe SEB and KRAMPOUZ are proud to represent Finistère and Brittany with the traditional Billig crepe maker.

Manufactured by KRAMPOUZ in Pluguffan, the Billig is one of the 126 products selected for the exhibition by a committee of personalities led by Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Industry.

Krampouz Billig Exposition of Made in France


This year, the Billig crepe maker celebrates its 40th anniversary! In 1981, ten years after the launch of its first electric crepe maker for professionals, KRAMPOUZ launched the famous Billig crepe maker. It was a great success and the Billig, a real traditional crepe maker and an emblem of convivial cooking, became a must-have product of the brand.

Renowned for its robustness and efficiency, it is the result of unique know-how. This same robustness makes the Billig an object that crosses generations and a symbol of sharing and transmission.


KRAMPOUZ stands out for its unique know-how, recognised since 2017 by the French “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label. A history that continues to be written day after day with its customers around quality appliances, entirely designed and manufactured in France in the Pluguffan factory in Finistère (Brittany).

Krampouz Billig Exposition of Made in France


It was in 1945, in Finistère, that Jean-Marie Bosser, a talented electrician, was determined to find an alternative to wood-burning stoves for making crepes. He developed a stove topped with a cast iron plate. The first crepe maker was born. News of this innovation spread quickly and requests poured in.
It was so successful that in 1949 a new company was created, KRAMPOUZ, which means "crepes" in Breton.

Today, KRAMPOUZ is recognised throughout the world. World leader in the professional crepe maker market, the company applies its know-how and quality requirements to a professional range: planchas, waffle makers, multi-contact grills, grills, bain-marie, etc. The planchas, barbecues and crepe makers have been very successful with the general public, and have been acclaimed for their performance.

Bought by Groupe SEB in 2019, the KRAMPOUZ product range complements the Group's professional and premium consumer range. The KRAMPOUZ brand benefits from the Group's extensive distribution network, both in France and internationally, which it enhances with the DIY and gardening chains where it is sold.