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The Cake Factory wins the 2018 LSA Innovation Award, Small Domestic Appliances category

LSA Cake Factory award

This award highlighted the product's innovative and distinctive features, as well as its benefits for the consumer. 

The jury was made up of professionals from the fields of fast-moving consumer goods, distribution, and industry, as well as experts in the food and non-food sectors. They were won over by this unique product that makes perfect home baking easy. 

Launched in September in France, and then in Germany and Great Britain, the Cake Factory's smart programming system automatically determines the best baking temperatures and times for each recipe, and ensures the temperature remains uniform. It's easy to use, easy to clean, quite compact, and uses less energy than a conventional oven. 

Add to this a free mobile app with 200 recipes, and it's easy to understand why consumers love it! Just three months after the product is launched, there are 11,000 members in the Facebook communities and the app has a 4.8 rating in the App Store!