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Carolina Sierraalta Magarinos, Hardware Design Engineer

Semaine de L'Industrie - Carolina


Discover the portrait of Carolina Sierraalta Magarinos

Hardware Design Engineer at the Saint-Lô site

Sometimes, childhood dreams evaporate in your teens. You grow up and move on.
But sometimes they become reality as adults. That's exactly what happened to Carolina Sierraalta Magarinos.
Just 25 years ago, she was born in Bolivia. And very quickly, in her life, two passions took flight. Two passions that still live in her life. 


When you were a child in Bolivia, was the industry a world that made you dream? 

Yes, a little! Let's just say I've always loved science fiction movies! I've watched tons of them! And what I liked in these movies was to see smart houses, robots, or completely new objects. And very quickly, this passion led me to become interested in home automation and robotics. Electronics, in general. In fact, as I grew up, I wanted to make it my job! 

Is that why you came to France? 

You guessed it! I came to France for my higher education... 7 years ago. I obtained a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing, before joining the University of Lyon 1 where I did a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in the field of electronics. This is where my SEB adventure began... 

We want to know more, of course! 

In fact, this was done as part of a six-month internship. It was last year at the Is-sur-Tille site... I was in charge of research and analysis for the Angell bicycle engine. And then, at the end of this internship, I was offered a permanent contract at the Saint-Lô site. To tell you the truth, I have just celebrated my first year with Groupe SEB! 

Congratulations! Let's talk about today: tell us about your job? 

I am a hardware design engineer in the Saint-Lô design office. My mission? To research and approve electronic components. So on a daily basis, it's very technical! I'm in charge of studying, analyzing and resizing electrical diagrams as well as functional and electromagnetic compatibility tests on electronic boards. 

Very technical indeed... and who says technical means working alone, right? 

Not at all! In fact, it's the opposite! Knowledge transfer, information sharing and mutual help are part of my daily life. Moreover, I am the point of contact for different projects, which means that I have several interlocutors at the same time.  

We feel that you love what you do...  

Yes, completely! And I really like working for the Group, because of its international dimension and its taste for innovation... which I totally share. 

In your everyday life, you also have this taste for technique?  

No... well... let's just say I dance. Salsa, to be precise. Which is a very technical dance, actually! So, you could say that I like technique. 

Finally, what is your favorite product? 

I'm a coffee fan, so my favorite product is a Krups espresso machine... which I use every day! 

Focus on the Saint-Lô site 

Saint-Lô industrial site

Saint-Lô is located in Normandy. It is the Electronic Development Center of Groupe SEB. What are the missions of the teams on site? To design, industrialize and produce high value-added electronic boards for Groupe SEB production sites. The site - created in 1971 - joined the Group in 2001, and acquired its current dimension ten years later, to assert itself as a world reference center in its field. 

Key figures  

  • 100 employees 
  • 5 million electronic cards manufactured in 2021 
  • 35% of women, a figure higher than the national average