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Clipso launch in Brazil

Clipso Rochedo

In a Brazilian market traditionally dominated by pressure cookers with inserted lid, Rochedo breaks the codes and brings breakthrough innovation with Clipso, the first one-hand-opening pressure cooker.

Innovation and safety.

With Clipso, the priority is given to ease of use and safety, point of major vigilance of the pressure cooker users. Beyond its iconic handle, Clipso is equipped with 5 exclusive security systems.

A major launch plan

Before the launch, Groupe SEB Brazil sales teams were invited to prepare a traditional meal together. They had plenty of time to discover Clipso's performance, ease of use and of course security.

On December 5th a launch event was held at Espaço Amazônia in São Paulo, to present the product to the press and bloggers. Participants were able to manipulate the product and follow the recipe that the famous chef Carlos Bertolazzi was preparing. 30 influencers were present: 28 of them produced content during the event, over 550 Instagram stories and 10 pictures were posted on the live feed!

A great buzz for a major launch on the market

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