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The Content Factory running at full steam

photo shooting

For more than 2 years, the Content Factory has been creating all sorts of content to help market the Group's products. This in-house agency can mass produce high-quality content while meeting budget limits and deadlines. 

Because of the ubiquity of the Internet, a product launch now requires 10 times more informative content than it did 5 years ago. To handle this growing need, the Group opened the Content Factory at the end of 2016. It creates a wide variety of content and can produce anything to help boost sales: photos, product feature spotlights, videos, recipes, manuals, packaging information, and points-of-purchase promotions.

The goal is to constantly offer consumers attractive content at all touchpoints: e-commerce sites, in stores, on the Group's brand websites, on social media, etc.

photo shooting

The Content Factory  bring together 21 people, previously working separately in different marketing entities, who now work in a coordinated manner based on precise briefs established by Strategic Marketing. It also makes it possible to improve the consistency of the content and share the best creative ideas among product families.

In 2019, the Content Factory continued to grow. Though initially focused on electric products, it recently began producing content for Cookware to cover all the Group's products.

A new photography studio also opened at the SEB Campus in Ecully. This will make it easier to produce recipes, lifestyle content, and videos 

Maison SEB, which was inaugurated in September, completes the system: This new space for the Marketing and Design BUs, also offers, through all the universes of the house, a great place for shooting and filming.

Always with one goal: always better meet the needs of the markets.