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Electrically-assisted bike: Groupe SEB becomes the exclusive industrial partner of Angell

Electrically-assisted bike: Groupe SEB becomes the exclusive industrial partner of Angell and takes a shareholding in the company 

Vélo à Assistance Electrique Angell

Angell is a new-generation electrically-assisted bike (e-bike) launched by Marc Simoncini. In today’s fast-growing e-bike market, the Angell bike stands apart by being one of the lightest on the market and by its innovations in both connectivity and safety. As part of an industrial and shareholding agreement, Groupe SEB has become the exclusive industrial partner of Angell. The Group will be responsible for the industrial development and production of Angell smart bikes at its long-standing Is-sur-Tille plant in Burgundy, France. Groupe SEB is also supporting the project by acquiring a stake in Zebra, the company that produces and markets Angell, through its SEB Alliance investment vehicle.

Vélo à Assistance Electrique Angell

Angell: an ultra-light, safe and smart new-generation bike

Created by the French designer Ora-ïto, the Angell bike comes with a broad range of integrated services that make journeys easier and cycling safer. It notably features a “smart cockpit” that displays useful information such as weather, pollution levels, battery charge, riding modes, assistance programs, speed and even a GPS. Angell also stands apart through its innovative safety system, including vibrating navigation assistance on the handlebars, a fall alert and an anti-theft alarm. The Angell e-bike also boasts pure and minimalist styling, making it one of the lightest on the market at just 13.9 kilos.

Initial deliveries in summer 2020

Currently available to pre-order, Angell is already proving a major success, with over 2,000 pre-orders. At the Is-sur-Tille site, with its 200-strong workforce, Groupe SEB’s know-how in product development, industrial development and manufacturing is a perfect match for the production of bikes. An expert in high-tech product design and able to adapt its production base to new projects, Groupe SEB will enable the initial delivery of Angell bikes in summer 2020. Through a gradual ramp-up, Groupe SEB will produce several tens of thousands of units a year and support the planned extension of the range.

Vélo à Assistance Electrique Angell

An alliance built on shared values and ambitions

The project stands as a promise to consumers of a high-end product invented and produced in France. It is also an alliance of two players united by their passion for innovation and sharing the same ambition of improving everyday life and forging a socially-responsible and sustainable project. Groupe SEB is providing the needed scalability to the project, with its ability to grow the volume of a new activity. 

Commenting on the partnership, Marc Simoncini, Co-founder of Angell, said: “We are extremely proud to have formed this partnership with Groupe SEB. It was important for us to join forces with a French industrial group, and in Groupe SEB we have found a partner that shares the same values of excellence and quality as we do. We think that the e-bike will become a vital means of transportation worldwide, and SEB’s industrial capacity will enable us to build a world leader in the urban smart bike segment (a market estimated at €10 billion). Groupe SEB’s acquisition of a stake in our company is also a decisive factor in the fundraising underway, which will provide Angell with the resources commensurate with its ambition.”

Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, Chairman and CEO of Groupe SEB, commented: “With Angell, we are delighted to contribute our industrial know-how to the large-scale manufacturing in France of a future-focused project. Innovation and entrepreneurship have been core values for Groupe SEB since its creation—values that we share with Angell. We are deeply invested in the everyday lives of our consumers and seek to lead new projects that meet their changing needs, all the while taking a long-term approach. We want to contribute to building a healthier and safer future.”

About Angell 

Launched by Marc Simoncini and Jules Trecco in 2018, the Angell bike project aims to provide high-performance urban mobility as an alternative to cars in city centers. Our goal is to create the safest smart bike in the world. With its revolutionary concept, built-in intelligence, hyperbolic reflectors and sensors, Angell offers cyclists the highest standards of safety, both in terms of daily use and anti-theft protection. Its electrical assistance programs and ultra-clear, cockpit-integrated 2.4-inch touchscreen interface for its internal software make it a revolutionary tool combining power, simplicity and performance. Boasting a range of 70 km, the 13.9-kilo bike is available in two colors, silver and black. The Angell bike also comes with a number of accessories, including a mudguard, saddlebags, a child seat and rearview mirrors, among others.

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