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Groupe SEB celebrates the 20 years of the V.I.E program!

Portraits de VIE Groupe SEB

This month, we are celebrating the 20 years of the V.I.E* program! Since 2002, Groupe SEB created around 150 V.I.E* positions to allow young talents to complete challenging missions in one of our subsidiaries. Many of them decided to stay after finalizing the program and ended up spending a significant part of their careers with us!

Groupe SEB offers very diversified missions in many job fields and for last year’s promotion for example, we offered opportunities all over the world: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, Hong-Kong, Italy, Sweden, United States, and Vietnam!

Discover the testimonials of some V.I.E. programs on our Careers website

* The V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) enables French companies to send a young graduate between 18 and 28 years of age on a working assignment abroad for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months.