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Groupe SEB comes top for its corporate communication credibility


At a morning event organized by Epoka* and Harris Interactive** on February 20 of this year entitled “Entreprise tu as beau parler… Je ne te crois plus !***, Harris Interactive unveiled the list of the companies with the best communication credibility rating. 

Groupe SEB came top of the consumer category, arriving in 4th place overall out of 176 companies tested. This award recognizes the Group’s values, the quality of our products and services, our Human Resources policy and our diversity which Epoka and Harris Interactive consider to be the essential criteria for credibility. 

An on-line survey was conducted between January 25 and February 1, 2019 on a representative sample of 5,362 French people aged 18 and over.  

Grand prix Epoka Harris Interactive

*Marketing, HR and Corporate Communications agency 
 **Market research and opinion poll institute 
 ***Companies, say what you will, I don’t believe you any more

Méthode des quotas et redressement appliqués aux variables suivantes : sexe, âge, catégorie socioprofessionnelle et région de l’interviewé(e). 176 entreprises ont été testées dans 22 secteurs d’activité.

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