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Groupe SEB embraces live streaming and harnesses the live shopping trend

Groupe SEB is expanding live streaming operations with its brands and is the first to have linked up with retail players via their sales websites. After Moulinex’s Grand Live event, Krups is launching its live shopping today, followed by Tefal’s “cooking show” scheduled on the occasion of the French “La Chandeleur” celebration (Pancake Day) on February 2nd.

The live streaming trend is booming: Communities have never been so close to their favorite brands, and Groupe SEB’s brands are constantly innovating to enhance customer experiences and unite consumers around products in real time.

Grand Live Moulinex Cyril Lignac

Live streaming and live shopping for a complete consumer experience

Locked down, teleworking, and therefore spending more time at home, consumers are keen to draw inspiration from live cooking events. Moulinex streamed a fully-fledged cooking show live on social networks, as well as on the Darty and Boulanger corporate websites, to present the latest Cookéo and Companion food processor models. The first live event for small domestic appliances to be broadcast on an e-commerce website, the show—broadcast simultaneously from three sites, featuring renowned chefs, influencers and consumers in their kitchens—was a great success, with a total of 333,000 live views, 20,000 comments and nearly 4 million people who watched the replay.

Today, January 27, it is Krups’ turn to host the first FULL AUTO live shopping event in France, in partnership with Boulanger. The live demonstration of the Intuition Préférence bean grinder coffee machine will be led by Luca Panico, barista at the renowned coffee roaster LOUTSA, and Luce Guyot, Krups Product Manager. This live show will be broadcast directly on the product page on the Boulanger corporate website.

27 janvier, Krups organise le premier live shopping  FULL AUTO en France en partenariat avec Boulanger.


Tefal marathon de la Chandeleur Stéphane Plaza, Abdelkarim, Alexia et Gabriella  Morgan VS et Nino Arial

“La Chandeleur” on February 2nd, Tefal will also host a cooking show featuring the “Pancake Day Marathon”. The Tefal community is invited to participate in a full day of pancake-based culinary challenges with Facebook and, with the star host of the M6 channel Stéphane Plaza, Abdelkarim, Alexia and Gabriella (semi-finalists and finalist of the M6 pastry chef competition show “Le meilleur pâtissier”), two top YouTubers Morgan VS and Nino Arial, as well as consumers participating on video from their homes.

Richard Joaristi, General Manager of Groupe SEB France, commented: “The success of live streaming, which has very swiftly become a sort of digital and interactive showcase, strengthens our belief in the relevance of an omni-channel distribution model combining physical store sales, e-commerce and social media. Consumers are connected and use different channels according to their needs and/or wishes. Some will watch a product being live streamed and ask their questions in real time, and then complete the experience with an online purchase. Others will watch the replay, read reviews and then physically go to the shop. With live streaming, consumers can learn all there is to know about the quality that our brands’ products offer, whenever they want and from wherever they want!”

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