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Groupe SEB launches a cookware recycle campaign in the United Arab Emirates

For a Group that sells more than 12 products per second worldwide, saving the planet's resources and thus limiting its environmental footprint is a priority. In this context, Groupe SEB Middle East lauches the first ever “Recycle with Tefal” cookware campaign in the United Arab Emirates.

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In line with the United Arab Emirates’ focus on sustainability and recycling along with the various initiatives taken by the country, Groupe SEB Middle East and Al Khayyat Investments jointly collaborated to the sustainability drive by launching the first ever “Recycle with Tefal” cookware campaign with Carrefour, UAE. 

This campaign was focused on educating the citizens on the importance of recycling products by encouraging them to bring in their old aluminum cookware of any brand and buy the new Tefal cookware range “Eco – Respect” which is made up of 100% recycled aluminum at a special discounted price to bring together the perfect cooking results with durable performance while being eco-friendly.

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Through this campaign, Groupe Seb Middle East managed to collect 423 kilograms (0.4238 MT) of aluminum cookware. All of these aluminum cookware products were recycled through an authorized participating recycling company.  
« Sustainable Development is integrated in Groupe SEB’s DNA and we are happy to contribute to United Arab Emirates vision of sustainability with the “Recycle with Tefal” cookware campaign. »