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Groupe SEB launches "SEB'on", its first restaurant chain

Through its history and its brands, Groupe SEB has always defended the values of taste and home cooking. Today, Groupe SEB continues to innovate by offering a new restaurant chain concept: SEB'ON. A logical continuation for products that are already in the daily lives of billions of consumers around the world.

Logo SEB'on

SEB'ON, a restaurant chain like no other

This innovative channel will offer recipes inspired by the world thanks to the participation of chefs who are partners of Groupe SEB brands. Cooked with star products such as the Companion, the OptiGrill or the Cake Factory, they will be selected from among the most popular recipes from communities around the world. Groupe SEB brands will be used, from preparation to cooking and tableware. Customers will be able to finish their meal with a delicious bean or filter coffee from Groupe SEB's professional brand coffee machines.

In keeping with Groupe SEB's commitments, the recipes will be healthy and balanced, using seasonal products, but not forgetting to bring a touch of pleasure and greed to the tasting.

The first restaurant will be set up in Lyon, the capital of gastronomy and the location of Groupe SEB's headquarters. Gradually, the concept will be deployed in all the French regions where the Group is established with its 11 plants.

Work is currently being finalized for a planned opening on April 1, 2023.


More information to come🐟