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Groupe SEB is lined up and ready for Chandeleur!

Tuesday, February 2 is Chandeleur, France’s traditional Crêpe Day. It’s the perfect time to share the tradition of making and enjoying homemade crêpes with the whole family... and to get creative! To celebrate, Tefal and Krampouz are putting social media in the spotlight to get your tastebuds tingling.

banniere tefal
On your marks... ready for the Tefal Marathon?

Tefal is an emblematic brand widely associated with crêpes by the French public thanks to its star products and major successful partnerships. This year, Tefal aimed to create a buzz by making Chandeleur a digital HIGHLIGHT with an innovative livestream campaign: the Chandeleur Marathon. On February 2, several top influencers will host a series of live crêpe-themed challenges, with a special guest who’s always ready to take on even the craziest challenges – Stéphane Plaza, one of the France’s favorite TV host! A great opportunity for Tefal to enhance its image and appeal for the young/Millennial target.

The delicious schedule for the day includes:

  • 9-10 am Join Abdelkarim, a finalist of Le Meilleur Pâtissier* (The best pastry chef) and Alexia Duchêne, a Top Chef* semi-finalist, for a culinary challenge 
  • 11:30 am-12:30 pm Youtubers Morgan and NinoArial face off in the kitchen, for better or for worse!
  • 4-5 pm It’s time for a snack and some Crêpe Art with Gabriella, a 2017 Le Meilleur Pâtissier* finalist
  • 6:30 -7:30 pm Flip your crêpes with Stéphane Plaza!

Find the video teaser by clicking here (only in french)

crepière Krampouz
And win a genuine Billig crêpe maker with Krampouz!

Did you know that Krampouz means “crêpe” in Breton? That makes it the perfect brand for an unforgettable Chandeleur!
This year, Krampouz is doing something new as it highlights its classic Billig crêpe maker, created in 1981, on Instagram. The goal? Increasing its visibility and name recognition during a key time of year and building its community. To do that, Krampouz has developed several targeted partnerships, particularly with leading influencers, for a campaign with Billig makers to win and great visibility through communities like Bretagne Tourism (Instagram @bretagnetourisme), Les gourmands disent d’Armelle (Instagram @lesgourmandsdisentdarmelle) which is focused on baking, Camille (Instagram @cam.lmp8) 2019 winner of the M6 show Le Meilleur Pâtissier* and more.
To complete the campaign, Krampouz is launching a special competition on its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Pull out your crêpe pans and your best recipes... The kitchen competition is on!


* French culinary TV show