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Groupe SEB wins the 2018 "Innovation Team Best Practices" award in the Innovation Strategy and Management category

Prix Innovation Team Best Practices 2018

On December 6, Laurent Caillier and Stéphanie Le Bris from the Cookware Department Coating Research Team were awarded the trophy by the Paris Innovation Directors Club and the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne for their "10% inspiration" approach
 Launched in 2012 by 8 innovation project managers from interrelated technical backgrounds, this approach was extended this year to the Group's 150-strong research community. The idea is to free up 10% of each person's working time so that they can then dedicate it to technical creativity and widening their perspective, for example attending scientific congresses or becoming involved in related manufacturing sectors, with the aim of ultimately driving the technology push of the Group's Research and Innovation programmes. 

 Designed and overseen by the researchers themselves, completely independently and under self-management, the "10% inspiration" approach aims to propose new technical and scientific pathways for research, stimulating joint creations and mutual enhancement, as well as creating ties with support functions and the external technical ecosystem.

2018 Innovation Team Best Practices