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Groupe SEB's circular economy work showcased as a good practice in Québec

Institut EDDEC

Institut EDDEC (the Quebec Institute of the Environment, Sustainable Development, and the Circular Economy) invited Joël Tronchon, Vice President of Sustainable Development to present a video describing his vision of the circular economy and its importance to Groupe SEB. 

This presentation was part of a series of video portraits published by Institut EDDEC on the Québec Circulaire web platform, in partnership with Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.

In this video, Joël Tronchon says that "It is because we have maintained our industrial expertise and control the development and production of our products that we were able to establish a proactive policy, particularly in terms of reparability." He insists that a partnership approach is essential to the circular economy, which is based on physical flows of added-value materials, and must occur at the territorial level. 

Discover the video here (only French version available):