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High-tech coffee: at MyAppCafé, the robot serves you

WMF has recently developed a partnership with an innovative start-up MyAppCafé, based in Germany, which is working on the robotization of coffee machines. This is a great step forward in the world of take-away coffee, especially in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.
robot barista et ecran tactile

The start-up MyAppCafé is a project that was launched in just 12 months. Following some initial prototypes, serial production of the almost seven square metre MyAppCafé boxes is now underway. In addition to digitalisation, the company is also focusing on the use of fair-trade organic coffee and takeaway cups that are completely compostable. The coffee is ordered via a touch display and cashless payments are made using PayPal or Apple Pay. With the MyAppCafé app, you can also order and pay for your favourite coffee directly from your smartphone. The code sent is then read on site and you receive your freshly prepared coffee in a hygienically safe way from the robot barista. Additional entertainment value is provided by a food printer that can print photo motifs on the milk foam. 

WMF, a reliable partner

Two coffee machines WMF 9000 S+ are installed in each MyAppCafé bar. In addition to the WMF CoffeeConnect digital solution, the brand also developed a bespoke milk system especially for the customer, which enables at least 650 speciality coffees to be prepared without needing to be refilled. The concept is being marketed worldwide as a franchise system. The first MyAppCafé was set up at Europaplatz in Karlsruhe at the beginning of August. More are due to follow in Böblingen and Heilbronn in the near future. 


You can take a look at the MyAppCafé here: