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Imusa becomes the “Heat Master” with the new “Talent Master” product line

Imusa Talent Master

Groupe SEB  just launched in Colombia a new line of Imusa cookware products called Talent Master. An innovative promotional campaign focuses on the company’s role as Heat Master.

The Talent Master range’s new technology offers 3 key benefits that make Imusa the Heat Master. The first is the thermo signal that changes color to indicate the perfect moment to start cooking. The second is the heat diffusing base, which allows the heat distribution to be uniform. And the third is the high resistance of the Triforce Gold non-stick coating.

Talent Master counts 18 references in the main department stores, specialized stores and Imusa Home & Cook stores in Colombia. Additionally, they will be present in all the Andean Cluster countries (Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).