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IMUSA launched a face contoured shaped protection mask

This mask, sold by IMUSA'S Kitchenware and Non food product category in Rionegro, is a real barrier from respiratory droplets caused by speaking, coughing or sneezing.

It protects you and the others but IMUSA alerts consumers it doesn't replace conventional mouth and nose masks, so they must wear both. This new mask allows to decrease the amount of time a person touches his face but it is also a reusable and easy to clean mask (with soap and water).

personne portant un masque offert par IMUSA

The product can be found at $5 USD on Imusa's ecommerce shop and in Home & Cook's stores. A special offer was also organized with some Colombian retailers across the country "Get a free mask if you buy an Imusa or Samurai product".

Moreover, by the hand of Foundation IMUSA - SAMURAI Taller de Sueños, the brand gave masks to coffee street vendors (Tinteros) in Medellín and Cartagena, a common informal economic activity in Colombia. This donation was funded exclusively by our own employees' resources who joined the cause through the contribution of their salaries

A big bravo to our colleagues from Colombia for this great initiative !