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Imusa launches Multichef, its new electric pressure cooker

Imusa Multichef

In Colombia, Imusa launched, at then end of the year, Multichef, its new electric pressure cooker. This product is revolutionizing the way people cook, allowing them to prepare delicious dishes at the push of a button! 

This new pressure cooker will help you cook like a chef! "Multichef" is easy to use with an ergonomic design. It can prepare a wide range of recipes using one of its 14 programs, including 8 pressure cooking modes. The non-stick spherical bowl cooks food evenly and its large capacity (4.8 litres) means you can prepare meals for the entire family. The "Multichef" makes the recipe of your choice safely, easily, with no stress. 


This launch was extensively shared on social media with the help of "Food" and "Lifestyle" influencers. A "Multichef IMUSA" Facebook page was created and already has more than 1200 members. This community allows people to share recipes and tips on proper use of the device. 


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