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Inauguration of Lyon’s first community refrigerator with the support of Fonds Groupe SEB

 Frigos Solidaires

Lyon’s first community refrigerator was inaugurated, with the support of Fonds Groupe SEB, on Thursday, January 24. It is located in the Le Moulin restaurant in Lyon’s 9th arrondissement. The founder of the NGO Les Frigos Solidaires was present for the occasion. The goal of this initiative is both to combat food wastage and help the underprivileged

« Les Frigos Solidaires » is an environmentally responsable social initiative. The idea is to partner with a local shopkeeper who places a fridge outside their shop.  Anyone can put in food or help themselves to donated items.

This approach is designed both to reduce food waste and help the underprivileged.

There are already several public refrigerators in other cities in France. In Lyon, the Le Moulin restaurant, 40 rue Marietton, was  the location chosen for the city’s first community fridge with the backing of the Fonds Groupe SEB. 


Frigos solidaires

Left: Joël Tronchon, Groupe SEB Sustainable Development Director and Sophie Léger, Project Manager, Corporate Philanthropy, Fonds Groupe SEB
Dounia Mebtoul, Founder of Les Frigos Solidaires
Bernard Bochard, Mayor of Lyon’s 9th arrondissement and his team 
Staff of the Le Moulin restaurant (40 rue Marietton, Lyon 9)



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