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INFINIMIX blenders: enjoy limitless possibilities

Enjoy limitless possibilities with TEFAL’s INFINIMIX blenders, which have sold very well and even reached the top of The Independent’s ranking!

Blenders are currently in great demand for mixing various ingredients to make smoothies, purees, soups, and so on. In response to this popularity, TEFAL has launched its INFINIMIX line to better meet consumers’ needs.

blender infinimix

There’s no limit to your creativity thanks to a booklet of 50 recipes ranging from the perfect smoothie to delicious ice cream to the best dessert. And the advantages don’t stop there! The INFINIMIX blender has five programs offering better control to make a wide range of recipes. Its 1600 W motor reaches up to 35,000 RPM and sharp blades guarantee quality results every time. Even better, the INFINIMIX blender’s 1.75 L capacity allows you to share your best creations or bring them with you in the 600 ml Travel Cup.
Last but not least, Groupe SEB’s durability approach means that the INFINIMIX blender is covered by the “Repairable Product—10 years” guarantee.
Launched in 2020, the blender has sold very well in several countries and will soon be supported by TV spots in Korea and online videos in Russia in 2021.

The INFINIMIX named best blender in The Independent
blender infinimix

Groupe SEB took the top spot in a review of the “10 best blenders for smoothies, soups, and sauces” for the TEFAL Mix Tritan BL91HD40.
Described as having one of the highest performances of any of the blenders tested, it also offers one of the best values. The INFINIMIX blender has high-quality features (components, touchscreen, etc.) that deliver safety, cleanliness, and perfect blending.