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@jemangepourlefutur, 3 months for a healthier and sustainable diet

The ANCA Chair, a partner of Groupe SEB since 2018, launched a new program on Instagram early in March for 18-35-year-olds called @jemangepourlefutur. The project, which is set to run for three months, aims to raise awareness among young consumers about adopting a healthier and sustainable diet.

healthy food
Food, the crucial issue of the future

Groupe SEB has always championed the importance of homemade food and the pleasure of cooking, and is committed to raising awareness of nutrition as a source of well-being and health for everyone. It is also committed to progressively designing a range of products and services that have a positive impact on people's lives and the planet, as well as to meeting the current and future requirements of pro-active consumers. This strong commitment to encouraging quality food that is healthy, tasty and responsible is supported by the Healthy and Sustainable Cooking pillar of the Group's sustainable development strategy.

The Group's role is to support and educate consumers through its products - note the success of blenders, pressure cookers, low-fat fryers, yoghurt makers and bread makers - and its services, with the boom in cooking assistants, associated applications and recipe sites. As such, the Group has committed to including 30% of savory recipes that promote healthy and sustainable eating in all its new products with an app by 2023. To facilitate the creation of these recipes, a charter has been drawn up, based on the recommendations of the National Nutrition and Health Plan.
This commitment to health is also reflected in the work carried out by the Food Science unit within the Research Department, which is staffed by food engineers and a nutritionist, and in the conducting of ethnographic studies. It is also evident in the numerous research projects in which the Group is involved.
It is in this same spirit that the Group, in 2018, became a partner of the ANCA* chair at AgroParisTech (France), which promotes innovative and fun activities to promote food education, using new pedagogical tools that are often based on digital technology.

*Alimentation, Nutrition et Comportement Alimentaire

healthy food
What's the key to a diet that is good for health and the environment?

Whether for personal conviction or for health reasons, consumers are more interested in understanding and controlling what is on their plates and the impact of their consumption on the environment. The pandemic has also boosted interest in homemade food and responsible eating habits.
The ANCA Chair, a partnership chair of the AgroParisTech teaching and research institution, has taken up the subject and on 1 March launched a new immersive and innovative program aimed at 18-35 year olds that is entirely relayed on Instagram @jemangepourlefutur**.


For 12 weeks, they will be able to follow the investigation led by Sasha, a fictional heroine, to understand WHY and HOW we should switch to a more sustainable diet.

Through questions, encounters, doubts and successes, Sasha will share her journey with her followers in a playful and offbeat way. Posts and stories in various formats will be published on the Instagram account @jemangepourlefutur, including photo/video reports, testimonials, quizzes, polls and recipes. Her candid, no-nonsense message will be consistent with the style of Instagram and encourage discussion with her community.

You too can follow Sasha's journey and switch to a sustainable diet!

**@jemangepourlefutur is a laureate of the National Food Program of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in partnership with ADEME and the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health, as well as AG2R La Mondiale and La Diagonale Paris Saclay of the University of Paris Saclay (Investment Program for the Future).