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Mickael Bresson, Industrial Maintenance Technician

Portrait Mickael Bresson


DISCOVER the portrait of Mickaël Bresson,

Industrial Maintenance Technician at the Selongey site

He often has his hands in the grease, as we say in France. To make the machines run or to repair them. But Mickaël Bresson also likes to lend a hand to the new generation. In the Industry, the pace of technological change is very fast... it's best to keep up with the times and rely on each other's skills.


Mickaël, as a child, did the Industry make you dream?

When I was young, I had the opportunity to work in a factory with my father... summer jobs... and it did not attract me more than that. Well, today, I've been working there for more than ten years! My outlook has changed. I have developed a taste for versatility, and it's true that I find happiness here. Because I never get bored! With the evolution of technology, there are always many things to learn. 

But how did you join Groupe SEB?

It's a long story! I did a ‘BEP’ in electrical engineering, followed by a ’BTS’. And when I left school, I found a job on the Selongey site in 2010 as a machine line operator.

Have you changed jobs since then?

Yes, I have been part of the maintenance team for six years. We are a team of 18 people. Together, we do repairs and we also take care of improvements and replacements.

"Improvement," meaning?

To give you a concrete example, on a production line with two machines, we have succeeded in automating the adjustment system so that the operators do not have to do it systematically. The result? It saves everyone's time! That's improvement. 

If we understand correctly, when you are an Industrial Maintenance Technician, you work a lot with others? 

We try to find a solution to all the problems and we work a lot in team! Because everyone has their own knowledge and skills. I, for example, am more specialized in electrical engineering, even though over time I have acquired experience in automation and robotics. In fact, I would say that our way of working is very much based on mutual help between colleagues. 

Is this a state of mind specific to your team or to the entire Selongey site?

Clearly, this concerns the entire Selongey site. With a family atmosphere, which makes you feel good, and makes you want to come to work in the morning. This is very important to me.

I even heard that you met your wife on the site?

Yes, it's true! But don't say it too loud, ahah!

Let's talk about your job again... which has to evolve a lot with the new technologies?

Yes, it is! But every year, we can take one or two courses, for example in robotics or automation. And that allows us to continually update our skills! Of course, since we have the opportunity to take so many training courses, we can't help but think how lucky we are to work for Groupe SEB!

Finally, do you have a favorite product?

The Cocotte-Minute®, of course! Not because it is made on our site but because it is a product that I have known since I was a child, that is very practical and that I use very regularly.


Focus on the Selongey site

Selongey factory

The historic birthplace of Groupe SEB, the Selongey site is the world center of excellence for pressure cookers and the Group's center of expertise for stainless steel. In addition to the administrative and production teams, the site includes an R&D center, a culinary workshop, a photo-video workshop and an educational garden. 

Key figures

  • 420 employees 
  • 1 million pressure cookers manufactured per year
  • 1 Origine France Garantie certification