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Multicook & Stir gets off to a promising start

Multicook & Stir

The new Tefal Multicook & Stir, which was launched in October 2018 in the Ukraine and Russia, has proved very popular with consumers. Its stirring paddle and spherical bowl ensure that food is properly cooked through. 

The tests carried out in Russia in March 2018 already proved conclusive: 

  • 96% of consumers were satisfied with the product after two months’ use, 
  • 87% preferred it to their usual multicooker, 
  •  100% would recommend it to a friend. 

A digital campaign has been rolled out to support the Multicook & Stir launch since December 2018. More than 100,700 individual visitors to the website were recorded in the space of two months with an average viewing time of 3 minutes 22. The successful campaign will be extended to run during the first quarter of 2019. 

Multicook & Stir will be launched in Australia in March and Canada in September.