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My Beauty Routine, give your beauty routine a quick boost!

My Beauty routine Rowenta

Women now want to take care of themselves with products they trust. To respect your skin and look your best, you need an effective beauty routine that adapts to your needs and your age. This is why Rowenta launched My Beauty Routine to help women boost their daily routine.

Rowenta is a leading provider of effective products that offer perfect results to embellish our consumers' lives. Combining technology and facial care techniques, My Beauty Routine goes back to basics to offer women beautiful skin at any age, since the skin has changing needs over time. My Beauty Routine has taken these characteristics into account to develop 3 product collections:

My Beauty routine Rowenta Zero Défaut "No Flaws"

"No Flaws" for a perfect, radiantly healthy complexion. Designed for women between the ages of 20 and 30, the No Flaws collection includes an Anti-Blemish Facial brush and an Anti-Fatigue Eye Massager. No Flaws lets your skin breathe. This beauty routine ensures perfectly hydrated skin that looks flawless every day.

My Beauty routine Rowenta Eclat Glow Skin

"Glow Skin," for younger- and brighter-looking skin. Designed for women over the age of 30, the Glow Skin collection includes a Radiance Booster Facial Brush and an Anti-Ageing Eye Massager. This beauty routine provides you with a bright and even complexion under all circumstances, for radiant-looking skin every day.

"Lift Comfort," inspired by the techniques of a professional facial (expected launch on October 1st). Designed for women over 40, this face massager is clinically proven to fight 4 main signs of ageing in just 3 minutes per zone: firmness, evenness of skin tone, a healthy glow, and skin radiance. Enjoy a moment of self-care every day with a deep tissue massage that offers an instant glow. The ideal professional assistant at home!