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Repairability: Groupe SEB’s commitment goes one step further with the launch of the first ever all-inclusive repair packages

This marks a first of its kind guaranteed long-term repair service from a manufacturer, at a much lower cost than that of product replacement. It is also the very first “all-inclusive” package on the market. The new offer launches in France and will soon launch in Europe.

As the first small domestic equipment supplier to commit to a 10-year product repairability policy, Groupe SEB is once again leading the way with the launch of the first repair packages at fixed price for its Rowenta, Moulinex, Seb, Calor, Krups and Tefal brands. 

Réparabilité : le Groupe SEB va encore plus loin avec le lancement des premiers forfaits réparation tout compris

Repairability: at the heart of the Group’s CSR policy 

Groupe SEB has made repairability one of the pillars of its sustainable development policy. The policy strives to extend product life cycles—to preserve rather than throw away. 
Most Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal, Krups, Calor and Seb appliances already benefit from the 10-year economic repairability commitment. Groupe SEB unveiled the policy in 2015 with a dedicated logo. On top of this, in France, products benefit from readily available spare parts for at least the 15 years that follow consumers’ last purchases. 
In an effort to further reassure consumers as regards cost and fast repairability, and to guarantee the longest possible product life, the Group now offers attractive “all-inclusive” repair packages on its brands’ websites in France: 

An attractive “all-inclusive” offer that is easy to use 

The new repair packages cost much less than product replacements. Package prices are set per product family (irons, coffee makers, food processors, vacuum cleaners, etc.), accounting for 20% to 40% of the price of an equivalent new product. 

A single flat rate is charged, regardless of the type of the defect and parts needed. 
No need to ask for a quote, you know the repair cost in advance - a way to help consumers decide to repair their product. You buy a package only when needed and until 10 years after purchasing the product. The repair service will furthermore entitle you to a new full product warranty of six months, free of charge.

To be able to offer these “all-inclusive” packages at a single low cost, Groupe SEB is leveraging its extensive network of 220 repairers throughout France. The Group has made spare parts available to repairers at cost price. This means that the repairer receives virtually the entire flat rate charged (excluding the average cost of parts).

Produit réparable 10 ans
At SEB, we are an integral part of our customers’ day-to-day lives. This motivates us to lead new projects that meet their changing needs; all the while taking a long-term approach. The launch of repair packages will strengthen our close relationship with our consumers. This new offer is consistent with our sustainable development policy, and was eagerly anticipated by our consumers, who have now become “consum’actors”. Our offer has a twofold objective: to facilitate the long-term use of our products, and to support independent repairers by providing them with additional business and fair pay.
Vice President of Sustainable Development at Groupe SEB