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ROWENTA'S X-Ô awarded at the innovation grand prix at the 2022 foire de paris

Groupe SEB shone at the 116th edition of the Foire de Paris with the Rowenta X-Ô vacuum cleaner, winning the GIFAM Prize for responsible consumption. Made in France and reflecting the major changes in society today, this prize rewards three years of research and development.

X-Ô by Rowenta: nothing holds you back!
>> GIFAM Prize for responsible consumption
X-Ô by Rowenta : first cordless canister vacuum cleaner

Rowenta reinvents the vacuum cleaner with this model, breaking with previous innovations in the sector: it is the first cordless canister vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner combines the best of both worlds, combining the power of a canister vacuum cleaner with the maneuverability of a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, while maintaining silence and agility.

Equipped with the Rowenta Digital Force motor and the Silent Block, the X-Ô delivers a power of 230 AW, suitable for all types of waste and floors, and emits only 69 dB in Boost position (and 61 dB in Eco position). Its powerful removable battery allows you to vacuum up to 1h30 in ECO position (up to 2h40 depending on the model) for a 140 m² surface. Its 4 main wheels and 54 mini side wheels allow a 360° use and the "Flex" technology to reach the most difficult places.

X-Ô is 100% traceable and its spare parts are available for 15 years.

ID of the Rowenta X-Ô:
-    Made in Vernon, Eure (27)
-    Date of first commercialization: November 2021
-    Recommended retail price: from €449.99